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8 Fundamental Tricks for Trash Disposal Unit Maintenance

The in-sink garbage disposal is a wonderful invention that helps homeowners save time and money. There are a number of prevalent concerns people have with trash disposals and proper care is the ideal way to circumvent these dilemmas. The local waste disposal repair man offers 8 waste compactor maintenance ideas to enhance operation and prevent mishap:

Read through the handbook! The most crucial thing to do in advance of using every home appliance is to read the service manual. It consists of safety tips and specific guidelines to prevent commonly made oversights that lead to damage

Work it or Lose it! Run your garbage disposal consistently to prevent rust, blockages and corrosion.

Use cold water: Cold water thickens fat and grease, which can then be pulverized and run through the system. Using hot water softens grease and fats, however they will not thoroughly move through the system. Instead, they will lodge in the line, where they settle and thicken, clogging the drain as they accumulate.

Watch out for hard shells and corn husks: Oyster shells and corn husks should not be put in the trash disposal unit. The silk from corn husks might become wrapped around the blades, restricting movement and inevitably, damaging the motor. Clam and oyster shells cannot be properly ground so portions can jam moving components.

Take care of razor-sharp blades: To keep the blades sharp and clean, put ice cubes into the disposal every two weeks. And then, on a monthly basis, freeze vinegar into cubes and run the vinegar cubes through the disposal unit to prevent rust build-up.

Food only! Take care to make sure only food goes into the garbage disposal. Whenever items like cutlery, bottle caps and various other little dishes get in there, they might generate major harm.

Careful upkeep: Bleach and some other strong chemicals can eat away at the blades and the lines. To clear your garbage disposal of nasty odors, run citrus peels, including lemon or lime and orange through the disposal.

Never run the dishwasher: Don't run the dishwasher and the trash disposal unit all at once. Dishwashers and in-sink garbage disposals share the drain so cycling them together can cause debris from the garbage disposal to get forced into the dishwasher.

Protective care is the ideal way to prolong long life and guarantee maximum performance. Garbage disposal maintenance will minimize foul odors, develop efficiency and help make the unit work better. Should complications manifest, then call 914-380-4479 to line up service by an authorized garbagedisposal repair technician with The Appliance Doctor of New Rochelle.